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If you don’t usually go to church,  then read on because Guest Sunday is just for you.

Guest Sunday is a creative and contemporary church service which illustrates how the Christian faith is still relevant today.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the dress casual and the humour brilliant (occasionally!) We invite you to just sit back and listen to great music, drama and talks which confront life in the 21st Century.

If you are bringing children then they can look forward to some great activities in dedicated age groups, running at the same time and in same place: Balerno High School, Edinburgh. We also run a range of Youth activities.

We would be delighted to meet you so please come along and judge for yourself.

See the news below for information on our next Guest Sunday and/or read about, listen to or watch recent Guest Sundays.

News & Events

    GUEST SUNDAY 21st Sept at 10.30am


    You may think that God is against you, either because big things have gone wrong in your life, or because you’ve heard about hell and judgement and not much about God’s love and forgiveness, or because you see God as a bit of a killjoy.
    Come and hear more about the good news that actually God is for us and not against us, how that works and the huge difference it can make.

    It is held at Balerno High School on Bridge Road, Balerno on Sunday 21st Sept from 10.30-11.45am. READ MORE »

    Recent Guest Sundays

    Jesus is enduringly popular even though many have turned away from the church. Why is that? And how is Jesus different from other religious leaders—if he is? And why should we consider following Jesus today?  READ MORE »

    Guest Sundays this April

    All four 10.30am services at Balerno High School this April will be Guest Sundays.

    3 Apr – Mother’s Day: Because I said so!!
    10 Apr - Healing: God Heals Today!
    17 Apr – Trypraying: I tried praying and…
    24 Apr – Easter Sunday: New Life

    Read more about Guest Sundays including facilities available for children.

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