Our Church Board of Trustees: “The Vestry”

The Vestry oversees the business affairs of the church.

Although the staff team are responsible for the development and implementation of our strategies and plans, the Vestry plays a key role in advising and supporting the staff as well as ensuring accountability to the wider church community.

Our Vestry Members are a group of gifted leaders, not just in terms of business expertise but equally crucially in their ability to maintain unity and preserve the relational health of what is now a complex, fast moving organisation.

St Mungo’s is also a registered Charity. This means Vestry Members, as well as being the official employer,  additionally bear all the responsibilities of Charity Trustees. Core Vestry Members serve for a period of three years with two members stepping down each year, to be replaced by two candidates who are elected at the Church Annual General Meeting.

Eric Adair
Eric AdairRector's Warden
Eric, Judith and their family came to St Mungo’s in 2010 and he has served in the 0-18’s ministry, currently as an Adventurers team leader and before that in Xplorers. Eric has also previously served on Vestry. Eric is an accountant and previously led a property development company in Edinburgh.
Alison Wilson
Alison WilsonPeople’s Warden
Alison has been in St Mungo’s for 27 years and in that time has been involved in various areas of church life including youth work, Minis, Women’s Ministry and “Mum to Mum”. Married to Graham with 2 daughters, Alison trained as a Chartered Accountant and was Church Treasurer for 12 years.
Steve Denning
Steve DenningLay Representative to the Diocese
Steve has been at St Mungo’s for 22 years, having joined while as a student at Heriot-Watt. He serves on the worship team and leads a house group with his wife Michelle. During the week Steve is one of the directors of a design consultancy firm in Edinburgh.
Francis Cummings
Francis CummingsAlternate Lay Representative
Francis has been at St Mungo’s for 11 years, serving as a house group leader, worship leader, on Vestry and on the Spirit Cafe, Mission Advice and Pioneer teams. Francis is married to Lindsey and they have three children. A musician by training, Francis is Head of the Junior Conservatoire at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
Susan Masterton
Susan Masterton
Susan has been at St Mungo’s for 12 years, serving as a Prayer Cell Leader (with her husband, Iain), Adventurers team member, Welcome team member and part of the HOTS (Healing on the Streets) team that acts with Holy Trinity Wester Hailes. Susan is a Partner in am Edinburgh legal firm, where one of her particular areas of expertise is dealing with Trusts and Charities.
Brodie Petrie
Brodie Petrie
Brodie has been at St Mungo’s for 14 years. Mum to two girls, Brodie is a Little Wonders team leader and has previously served on the hosting team, Vestry & led a prayer cell. A qualified accountant, Brodie and her husband Rod run their own bookkeeping and accounting practice.
Rachael McCrea
Rachael McCrea
Rachael joined St Mungo’s in 1999. She is a Climbers team leader and previously served in the youth ministry, leading cell groups and the RS2 programme. Rachael works as a fundraiser, is trustee and treasurer of a charity supporting women in Zimbabwe, and is married to Cal with two young children.
Alan MacDonald
Alan MacDonald
Alan joined St Mungo’s in 2012 with Anne, Calum, Duncan and Murdo. He is an Xplorers team leader, Youth leader and leads a house group with Anne. Alan is a Professor at the British Geological Survey where he specialises in water security across Africa and Asia.
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson
Mark has been at St Mungo’s 4 years. Mark is married to Sarah and works as a GP Partner at an Edinburgh Medical Practice.
Chris Sawyer
Chris Sawyer
Chris has been at St Mungo’s since coming as a student in 1997. He has served on the worship and tech teams for over 20 years and leads a house group with his wife Emma. Chris is Director of ICR Vets, leading a team of 38 people across 3 branches. Chris and Emma also have 2 girls.
Malcolm Round
Malcolm RoundVestry Chairman & Rector
Malcolm is the Rector (senior minister) of St Mungo’s, and as such oversees all the activities of the church, though many are delegated to the staff team and to a wider leadership within the church. He also has a role in networking with local and national churches.
Derek Thomson
Derek ThomsonVestry Secretary & Executive Director
Derek is responsible for the smooth running of the church organisation. His role includes assisting Malcolm, managing the staff team, stewarding the physical, operational and financial resources (e.g. buildings, people, technology, administration and mission giving/partnerships) and supporting the Church Board on governance issues. Derek has a background in business leadership.
Katherine Burnett
Katherine BurnettTreasurer & Finance Director
Katherine is responsible for managing the church’s money, supported by Ruth Smith. Katherine qualified as a chartered accountant whilst working for Ernst & Young in Aberdeen in 2000. She has worked for several charities over the last 10 years in both a voluntary and paid capacity. She’s in the office Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Ollie Clegg
Ollie CleggAssociate Minister
Ollie oversees the work of evangelism across the church. He is responsible for encouraging, equipping and releasing people of all ages to seek God’s Kingdom here on earth, and share the good news of Jesus Christ in relevant ways. Ollie is married to Laura and they have 2 children.
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Annual Report
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