Vision and values

Our vision at St Mungo's is to be an infectious centre of spiritual health.

Vision Sunday 2019 – Watch the talk by Malcolm Round.

Useful to know…

Who? Everyone is welcome. On Sunday mornings we have groups for different age groups from 0 – 18, that run alongside the main service.

Where? Our Sunday services and events take place at Balerno High School, St Margaret’s Academy, Livingston and in church venues in Balerno.

When? Services on Sundays 8.45am in Balerno, 10.30am in Balerno and Livingston, and 6:30pm in Balerno and events throughout the week.

Why? Because we believe God is good and church is about every day, not just Sunday.

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Contact us and we’ll be delighted to tell you more about who we are, what’s happening and how to get involved.

Our ministry values

  • We value intimacy with God – we see intimacy with God as a vital aspect of our relationship with God and want this to mark all that we do as a church.
  • We value caring relationships – we want to put love into practice by being caring and sensitive to one another and to everyone we come into contact with as a church.
  • We value leadership – we believe God gifts and appoints people to provide faith filled leadership and vision to his church and so we seek to encourage them and to follow them loyally and willingly.
  • We value grace – we want graciousness, forgiveness, generosity of spirit and encouragement to mark all our relationships and activities.
  • We value joy – we have much to celebrate as Christians and so we are committed to joyfulness being one of our distinguishing marks as a group of people.
  • We value perseverance – we realise that life and ministry are often difficult and demanding and so we value stickability and dependability.
  • We value wisdom – we see spiritual insight, forethought, careful planning, and the skilful application of knowledge as vitally important.

  • We value integrity – trustworthiness, honesty, holiness and loyalty should mark everything we say and do.
  • We value servantheartedness – a willingness to happily do anything to serve God and others, even at personal cost and sacrifice, is something we wish to see in all involved in the church.
  • We value wholeheartedness – we believe enthusiasm and total commitment should mark everything we do as servants of Christ.
  • We value being contemporary – as we seek to live biblically and teach biblically we will always endeavour to do so in ways that connect with the culture and experience of the people we are serving and reaching out to.
  • We value effectiveness – we believe that God wants us to achieve results in our service for him and therefore we are committed to flexibility, quality and doing all we can to see that every church activity makes a positive difference.

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