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Malcolm Round is our Senior Leader. Malcolm has led St Mungo’s for many years but still never ceases to amaze, amuse and challenge us. His blogs are certain to do likewise.

Now is the time to say goodbye… to this blog?

After writing this weekly blog or nearly five years I think it might be time to finish!  The original idea for a blog linked to the St Mungos website, was to have something new and fresh each week to get people back onto the  homepage, but  I think with the new website in place it’s no longer  necessary.  

25 March 2015|

I Love My Church… Volunteers

Volunteer is such a bland word for such an important group of people.  I tried to find a more exciting word, but even my trusty Thesaurus (a word I can’t say out loud due to my childhood speech impediment and lisp) let me down.

11 March 2015|

I love my church… Staff

I really, really, really, do love my church staff.  I have the great privilege and pleasure of working with a great bunch of people.  You couldn’t have a better group of Christians to share mission and ministry with. 

5 March 2015|

I love my Church Vestry

Depending what you think a ‘vestry’ is,  that statement will sound unusual, unexpected  if not impossible.  Some people will never have heard of that word, others will assume it’s actually a storage room attached to a church, but in the Scottish Episcopal Church it is the name of a committee. 

23 February 2015|

I love my church prayer cell

I still get amazed  that I can actually write  that ‘I love prayer’, and ‘I love praying with other people’, because it might come as a shock for you to hear a church minister say it, but I find personal prayer difficult and I used to find praying with other people dull and boring. 

9 February 2015|

I love my church house group

I really, really love my housegroup! As I have been thinking about the phrase “I love my church” and what that actually looks like, I can’t help but think “I love my house group!”

29 January 2015|

I love my church

Last Sunday in St Mungo’s church we gave out wrist bands. This was part of our Vision Sunday talk, which was called I love my church. The purple wrist bands, with the words ‘I love my church’, and the Mungos logo recessed into them were supposed to be a memory aid to help us think about what it means to say “I love my church”.

21 January 2015|

How to improve your prayer life. Part 4 Speaking in Tongues.

Since I mentioned having a new dog (in the first blog of this series) as the best thing that happened to my prayer life, everybody has been asking me how is my dog – which is odd because I thought they should be asking me how  my prayer life is, rather more important for the church minister!

5 January 2015|

How to improve your prayer life- part 3. Use Bible prayers

When I get completely stuck in my prayer life, which is quite often, I have found it very helpful to read Bible prayers!  Sometimes they can inspire me to pray better, sometimes they actually have words that express how I feel, and sometimes I can just read them out as I  know that they are prayers that have  power and

29 December 2014|

How to improve your prayer life: part 2 -read an inspiring book

I’m happy to report that my prayer life has improved remarkably since getting a  new dog, as I wrote in my last blog I need the “forced” discipline of having to go out to walk the dog two or three times a day to act as the trigger to help me pray more.  And already my prayer life has improved,

23 December 2014|
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