What we give financially

A minimum of 15% of our income goes to support mission and ministry projects in the UK and internationally. In 2016/17 we gave £150,000. Each Christmas we also ask the congregation to consider giving a Christmas gift to support specific projects. Find out more about the people, the projects and the organisations we support.

In 2016/17 we gave each of our UK and World mission partners £12,000. This will increase to £12,360 from 1 October 2017.

UK Partnerships

Find out more about our UK partnerships and the three organisations that we support locally and nationally:

* plus a further £6,000 for the associated Food Bank.

World Partnerships

Internationally, we have five world partnerships, as well as our mission projects.

  • David and Evelyn Baines (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
  • Tearfund
  • Potter’s Wheel Church and Challenge Ministries Swaziland
  • Comfort Rwanda & Congo
  • Steve Packwood (Operation Mobilisation)

Find out more about our World Partnerships

Other Mission Relationships

Just Earth in Kenya (formerly The Maseno Project)  – £5,000 per year.

During 2016/17 we gave £1,680 to Alpha Scotland, Evangelical Alliance Scotland and TryPraying  This sum will increase to £1,750 for 2017/18.

In recognition of her leadership in the rapid and sizeable expansion of a new YWAM base (Youth With a Mission) in Queenstown, New Zealand, we are providing £3240 per annum until Sept ’18 to a former church member, Amy-Joy Scalas.

Useful to know

Who? We partner with organisations who share our aims and values.

Where? In the UK and across the globe.

How much? We gave away £135,000 in 2015/16 and £150,000 in 2016/17.

Why? At St Mungos we are committed to giving away at least 15% of our income.

Contact?  For more information contact Derek Thomson  derek.thomson@stmungos.org

The video below contains the update for 2017-18 presented to the church on 1 October 2017.

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