Swaziland Mission Impact Team – October 2015

A team of 11 St Mungo’s people visited Swaziland on a mission trip in mid October.

We were hoping for a safe, accessible opportunity to learn about and contribute to the amazing work of Potter’s Wheel Church and Challenge Ministries. In addition, I was personally hoping that St Mungo’s would also find a mission team experience that we could repeat in years to come.

I think I can now confidently say that all our hopes and expectations were exceeded. Two points stand out:

  • our Hosts could not have been more hospitable. What they do is an astonishing expression of the church in action, being good news and sharing the good news. It was a privilege to contribute to it, even if only briefly.
  • we were able to experience the country, the work and the people without having to worry about what we ate, where we slept or how to stay healthy. This meant we could throw ourselves into the experience and not worry about practical things.

One short story perhaps sums up our experience.

When we first arrived, we asked how we could best help,  and, whilst there’s no doubt that money and the skills of people like doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers makes a big practical difference,  the answer I received was this: give them your time, love and prayers. In truth, I thought inside – is that it? We need to build something!!!

However, over the course of the week, I came to see that our prayers, time and love really did have a remarkable impact upon a people who are experiencing a huge cultural change. By us coming under the authority of the local pastor, and sitting down with the people in their homes, talking and praying, we were almost unknowingly signaling that we were all equal before God.  Our hosts tell us this is culturally transformational.  So it seems we helped build something bigger than a mud and stick house.

Watch the video of the trip.

Derek Thomson

18 November 2015|

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