We have provided funding and support to the Living Stones Church and Primary School at Okara in Pakistan for many years.

Living Stones

For several years, until February 2016, we partnered with Living Stones at Okara. The church  is led by Rev Waqas Moazzam.


Living Stones Primary School was opened in March 2008, and offers free education to 300 Christian boys and girls in the local community. The majority of children are from the street sweeper class and are the first in their families to receive any form of formal education. There are 17 teachers, including the Principal and Vice Principal, computer teacher, Christian education teacher and school nurse.


Living Stones Church has experienced rapid growth and, currently, there are around 500 members. This compares with other local Christian churches averaging around 25-30.


Giving in our kids’ groups has made a difference to a number of projects, raising money for school books, school uniform and a water treatment plant that benefits the whole community.

We also gave just under £17,000 per year from our main UK & World Mission Fund. Our funding relationship concluded in February 2016.

Useful to know

Who?  Waqas Moazzam is the leader of the church and his wife Salina is the head teacher in the school.

Where? Living Stones is situated in the city of Okara, which lies within the Punjab region of Pakistan. With a population of around 230,000, Okara is about 100 miles south west of the country’s second largest city, Lahore.

Why? We wanted to help and support our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

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