We provide funds and support for a Farmers' Field School at Maseno, Kenya.

Just Earth (formerly The Maseno Project)

Over the last few years our giving to The Maseno Project totals over £100,000. Farmers who attend the Farmers Field School learn techniques to develop their productivity, often multiplying the amount of maize produced on their farms by many times.

Just Earth was formed in 2014 to expand the vision of the Farmers Field Schools – developing this work beyond Maseno to other locations in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.

Just Earth has now taken on the on-going development and running of the Maseno Project, and will have the capacity to expand this significant work into new regions. The vision and values of Just Earth have built on those of the Maseno Project, aiming to transform lives and grow prosperous futures, in the name of Jesus.

Help the Hungry

We have raised funds for Just Earth/the Maseno Project through Help the Hungry, an annual week where we focus on making a difference to poverty. Through Help the Hungry we’ve experienced a little of what it is like to live on a limited diet and tried out living on £1 per day.

Useful to know

Who? Groups from St Mungo’s

Where? Kenya

When? Groups from St Mungo’s visit for short trips from time to time

Why?  To support this growing project in Kenya, to learn more, be inspired and contribute.

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