Tearfund’s Rubbish Campaign

Tearfund’s Rubbish Campaign launched this month …

…  and it could improve tens of thousands of lives in some of the world’s poorest countries.   Two billion people around the world are living and working among piles of waste, because their rubbish isn’t collected. That’s one in four people who are drinking polluted water, breathing toxic air and battling sickness. This causes up to 1 million deaths a year – and each day the waste mountains are growing.  Large companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever are making things worse by selling billions of products in single-use plastic packaging, in countries where waste isn’t collected.  Fundamental changes to business models are therefore urgently required.

This is a rubbish situation, but it can change if we pray and act together.

Tearfund are asking people to call on companies to take responsibility for the plastic waste their products are creating. This could result in huge transformation; but only if these companies commit to taking strong action to change the way they package their products.


  • Pray for people suffering today as a result of uncollected waste and plastic pollution, especially for those who are most vulnerable to its effects: children, the elderly and people living with disabilities.
  • Pray that the Rubbish Campaignwill result in change where it’s needed most, as people are inspired to speak out for communities affected and God’s creation.
  • To coincide with the campaign, Tearfund launched a new report on the impact of waste on people living in poverty, called No time to waste. Praise God that this was publicly backed by Sir David Attenborough, helping spread the word further about the need to tackle this issue.

Tearfund is one of St Mungo’s main mission partners.

26 May 2019|

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