Help the Hungry – how did it go?

This year “Help the Hungry” took place during the week beginning 12 June – and the theme was “EAT, PRAY, GIVE”!

How did go? We’d love to hear your stories on what you did and what you raised.

We asked you to:

– Think about what you eat and drink that week – about how easily goods are available; about the fresh water you take for granted to brush your teeth, drink and cook with -in the UK we use 150 litres of water a day per person – imagine having to carry that back from a distant water source! Think about those locally who cannot afford quality, fresh ingredients to cook with. Imagine children growing up with no idea of what is a good, balanced diet or how to prepare it. Think about those overseas who are limited by not having a fresh water supply and access to a good quantity and variety of food – or don’t have enough money to buy what is available. Unicef estimate that 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

EAT Make big or small changes to your eating patterns this week. Consider buying more fair trade products. Cook your meals from scratch, give up meat. Make packed lunches for all the family for work/school. The average office worker spends £10.59 every day on food, drink and snacks – so why not do without takeaway coffees or takeaway meals for a week?

PRAY every time you eat, pray for those who do not have enough – locally and overseas.

GIVE With the money you have saved, or more – give money to Tearfund ( or Bethany (, or to a local food bank – e.g. Wester Hailes (

Why not add suitable items to your shopping trolley to donate to food banks -there is usually a collection point in most supermarkets and always a box in the cafe at Balerno Kirk.

Think about volunteering for the daytime or evening Bethany care van, or see if you can help with a local food bank. Buy a homeless person a hot meal, a sandwich or drink, chat to them if you can to hear their story. Look out for them next time you pass to continue to support them.

You might like to continue to make these changes in the weeks that follow and use the money you save to continue to support one of these charities.
Kate Yates

29 May 2016|

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