Evening Service Creative Space

We have started something new, once a month in our evening service. An opportunity to be creative during worship and ministry using a variety of materials. You will be amazed at how engaging in a different way can help you in your worship and relationship with God.

Whether we realise it or even accept it to be true, God has created each of us to be creative.

The first thing that He reveals about Himself is that He is a Creator God who has created us in His image to carry His creativity.

That creativity comes in many forms, like white light shone through a prism. Your creativity does not look like that of the person next to you and it was never meant to!

Whatever sphere you are in, you are meant to bring His creativity into it. There are no second-class creatives in His Kingdom. So, if you are a business person you are meant to bring His creative ideas and solutions into that arena, if you are a surgeon, then He has the creative solutions to your next challenge, if you are an artist, then His hand on your hand will produce art that brings Heaven down to earth.

We are created in His image and we are all creative. The easiest way to release the divine creativity hidden in you is simply to create. Whether that is a single line in a single colour going in a single direction in which He leads you or an explosion of paint on a page. Creativity, directed and led by His Holy Spirit will birth the hidden divine creativity in you.

A space has been prepared for you to explore with Him. Come and “Taste and see that The Lord is good” Psalm 34:8

Lara Thomson

2 November 2018|

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