Christmas Gift 2018

Christmas Gift Collection 2018

TOTAL SO FAR (@ 17 January) – OVER £23,000!!!

This year, we are partnering with one of our main mission partners, Comfort International, to help build homes for the “Street Kids” of Rwanda.

These children have become homeless through poverty, family breakdown, bereavement or imprisonment. They sleep in drains, holes in the ground, in swamps and on the rubbish dump, and scavenge or steal for food during the day. In addition, they often have networks of drug using ‘friends’ and it is all too easy to get stuck in a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, crime, and ill health.

Comfort International plan to build the Hope Transformation Centre where these kids will receive a home, food, education, guidance and a Godly upbringing, including becoming part of a local church. The children will spend one year at the home and will then be integrated into local homes in their original communities.

Your generosity can play a huge role in making the Centre a reality and lifting these children out of hopelessness and into a place where they can find safety, peace and Jesus.

Please consider extending your existing Christmas Gift budget to help build the Hope Transformation Centre. Special giving envelopes and collection buckets will be available at services throughout December and January.  Thank you.

2 December 2018|

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