Book Review of Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

One of the best books I have read on Christian marriage, this book has the provocative tagline

“What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy.”

The author, Gary Thomas, is not suggesting that happiness and holiness are contradictory. Instead he shows that when our view of marriage is God-centred and we are focused on becoming more like Jesus, then true satisfaction can be found.

He deals realistically with the difficulties found in all marriages:

Don’t run from the struggles of marriage. Embrace them. Grow in them. Draw nearer to God because of them. Through them you will reflect more of the spirit of Jesus Christ. And thank God he has placed you in a situation where your spirit can be perfected.”

This isn’t a bland textbook on marriage. He tells lots of interesting stories throughout the book, including accounts of famous “difficult” marriages such as Abraham and Mary Lincoln. Gary Thomas suggests that Lincoln’s demanding marriage helped prepare him for the perseverance he required for his presidency.

This is a book which both men and women will appreciate – an easy read and really helpful for Christian marriages and personal transformation.

Lynn Millar

19 May 2019|

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