0-18 Highlights 2018-19

Here is a (very) small selection of highlights from the past year:

  • We welcomed over 100 kids and adults to our Family Christmas Event (Hands up for Christmas) with lots of church families inviting friends, and families from Minis coming along.
  • In Livingston the See & Know songs combined with stories and crafts, work well to meet the needs of the wide age range in the growing pre-school group.
  • Kaleidoscope Sundays continue – Games, Gunge and God and we see children hearing and responding to the gospel almost every month.
  • Kaleidoscope Saturday is now a regular event for P5-7 to invite friends along to. This is a social event with a ‘God Slot’and will be increasing in frequency after the summer – watch this space!
  • Godly Play takes place monthly in Livingston and children absolutely love this interactive style of morning.
  • This year we brought back 3 of our former youth as our main meeting speakers at Lendrick Muir youth weekend and they were phenomenal.
  • 8 young people got baptised, with over 200 people coming to each service, including lots of school friends.
  • Livingston Youth has spent the year creating a fun and welcoming environment to enable meaningful conversations as we study the bible and how this applies to our life’s weekby week.
  • Our Friday night launch event ‘Audacious’ had 50 youth playing Nerf Gun Wars and Zorb Football on Bells Field in Balerno.
  • Pioneers community continues to grow in relationship through movie nights and opportunities to lead parts of the morning provided to the young people.

Absolutely none of what we do could happen without the gifts, skills, sacrifice and commitment of each of our 154 volunteer leaders. Our vision, based on John 10:10, is for every young person to KNOW the abundant life Jesus gives, LIVE the life to overflowing and SHARE the life with those around them. They get to see that vision in action through the modeling of their leaders – from 0 right through to 18. If you would like to join the 0-18 family then catch me on a Sunday or email david.lyons@stmungos.org for more information.

Dave Lyons

9 June 2019|

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