Prayer cells

Prayer cells are an integral part of life at St Mungo's. These small groups meet weekly to pray for our people, our community, our church and the world.

Groups of around 6-8 people meet weekly  on Mondays or Thursdays for an hour.  Each group begins with a time of worship and then we listen to God for direction as to what to pray for before we then move into a time of prayer for people, places, events and situations, inside and outside of the church locally and across the world.

It can be a little bit daunting to pray aloud in front of others, but the supportive, relaxed atmosphere means I’m now totally comfortable in the group. I have learned how to pray with confidence and expectation. It’s brought me closer to God and other members of the church. I look forward to Monday evenings and spending time with others in the spirit of prayer.


Considering joining a prayer cell? Watch teaching from Malcolm Round:


Useful to know…

Who? People who are part of St Mungos.

Where? Meet in homes in Edinburgh, Linlithgow and Livingston.

When? Midweek.

Why? We believe it is God’s plan for us to engage with him in prayer for people we know, our church and the world.

Get in touch

If you are interested in joining a prayer cell contact us or speak directly to the group leader.

Join a prayer cell and…

Pray for physical healing for people who are part of St Mungo’s congregation.
11am, Monday in Balerno, led by Pat Banfill

Pray for Edinburgh and the world – anything from local churches to world affairs.
6.30pm, Monday in Balerno, led by Brian Hall

Pray for Wester Hailes
6.30pm, Monday in Wester Hailes, led by Lisa Fawcett

Pray for leadership across St Mungo’s, for the ongoing health, unity and growth of all leaders – volunteers and staff.
7am (early!), Thursday in Balerno, led by Derek Thomson and Emma Galloway.

Pray for Young Adults
6.30pm, Monday in Balerno, led by Ruth Smith.

Pray for St Mungo’s in Livingston
7.30pm, Monday in Kirknewton, led by Iain and Susan Masterton.

Pray for Renewal
7.30pm, Monday in Balerno, led by Graham Wilson.

Waiting Room prayer cell
8pm Monday in Church building, led by Linda Lindsay.

Creative prayer cell
8.30pm Alternate Tuesdays, led by Lara Thomson.

Pray for 0-18 work in St Mungo’s
8pm, Tuesday in Balerno, led by David Lyons.

Pray for Livingston
6.30pm, Monday in Livingston, led by Keith Law.

Pray for people in the workplace, volunteers, carers, new employment and specific work problems on request.
8pm, Alternating Wednesdays in Balerno, led by Robert Sneddon.

Pray for St Mungo’s services
8pm, Monday in Balerno, led by Tosh White.

Pray for the persecuted church around the world, for Christians in countries where they are not free to worship God.   7pm, on the 2nd and 4th Monday in Balerno, led by Evelyn Baines.

Pray for evangelism and witness, including alpha and new believers
8pm, Monday in Morningside, led by Julia Sloan.

Pray for family situations
10am, Thursday in Balerno led by Pam Hall.

Pray for “school gate” relationships and connections
Thursday, 11.15am in Balerno led by Sophia Lyons

Pray for leaders in the 7 spheres of influence
1st and 3rd Mondays, 7.30pm in Livingston led by Alan & Irene Forrest

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