A social and networking group for the over 60s

Gold is a social group for members of St Mungo’s (and their friends) who are aged 60 and over.   The aim of the group is to strengthen each member’s support network, both within the church and the wider community.

It is a relatively new group, but so far we have had ‘Members Memories’, a beetle drive, a cinema afternoon and it is already becoming a bit of a tradition to have a sing along and of course the essential cuppa with cakes.

We meet in the church on the  2nd Tuesday of every month from 2pm -4pm, and everyone is welcome.

If you require transport, this too can be arranged.

“I like Gold because I like getting to know and have relationships with people, and having fun.” David

“Great time for meeting others, very caring group.” John

“Enjoy the company, everyone is so nice.” Pat

Useful to know

Who? For St Mungo’s members who are over 60 years old and their friends

Where? St Mungo’s Church Building, Ladycroft, Balerno

When? The second Tuesday of every month from 2pm -4pm

Why? To strengthen each member’s support network both within the church and the wider community

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Phone: 0131 449 9903