Children’s counselling

BeMe is our counselling service for children and young people, aged 8 - 16.

Counselling is a skilled way of helping children and young people with personal and developmental issues and difficulties.  Through play therapy, talking or working with art and other creative materials, counselling gives individuals an opportunity to explore and discover ways to live in a more satisfying and resourceful way.  It offers the young person the opportunity to increase self-awareness and develop personal resources and understanding of their own problems as well as cultivating strategies to cope with change.

BeMe Counselling offers:

  • A space to be yourself
  • A space to think
  • A space to talk through what is going on for you
  • A space to make sense of things that are troubling you
  • A space to explore and express your feelings and thoughts
  • A space to discover choices and options
  • A space to become who you can be

Useful to know

Who?  Anyone age 8 – 16 who wants to be listened to.  You can contact us yourself  (we like to have your parent or guardian’s permission as well). Or, someone else can contact us on your behalf. Examples would be teachers, doctors, parents, family members, social workers.

Where? The Wellness Centre. Find us.

Why? It’s good to talk and get things sorted.

Get in touch

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment. Email or call the Wellness Centre on 0131 451 5226.

About BeMe counsellors

BeMe counsellors are trained to national standards of counselling training and hold a minimum qualification of a Diploma in Counselling alongside a Certificate in working therapeutically with children and young people.

BeMe is funded by St Mungo’s church. Counselling is free but donations in support of this service are appreciated.

Other places to get help:

Helpline 0800 1111

A free and confidential support service for young people up to 18 years of age.

A UK charity helping parents and pupils deal with school bullying.

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Phone: 0131 449 9903