Child Protection

St Mungo’s has adopted the following policy statement:

“The Scottish Episcopal Church recognizes the special status of children and young people. Because of their vulnerability, children and young people will be awarded special protection. They are to be respected as a person in their own right, created and loved by God. We, therefore, commit ourselves to take all steps within our power to keep children and young people safe from physical, sexual and emotional harm.”

St Mungo’s has developed a policy on safeguarding the welfare of young people and children and procedures for good practice. They cover most aspects of working with children and young people and can be regarded as the practical basis for our work in this area.

Also, because a number of children experience abuse because of their vulnerability, we have also developed Child Protection Procedures which are based on the Episcopal Church’s policy, so that if any child or young person discloses to a volunteer that they have been subjected to any form of abuse, the volunteer will be able to handle the situation appropriately and refer the situation on to the Child Protection Coordinator, Derek Thomson.

In addition to these procedures, Child Line acts as an independent body with whom any child or young person can discuss matters which are of concern to them. This is to ensure that children and young people feel that they can discuss any issues they may have about any matter within or outside church with someone who is independent of the day to day running of the teenage or Go Kids groups.

If anyone wants to look at this document, copies are available from Derek Thomson.

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