Changed lives

If ever we wanted to see God’s grace, love and power in action, we need only look at how He tranforms lives, regardless of circumstance.

Here are some true life experiences from the people of St Mungo’s.

<span class="grid-white-text">Sarah Stevenson Testimony</span>
Sarah Stevenson Testimony
Sarah shares about the impact of God's love on her life.
<span class="grid-white-text">Love After Marriage – Testimony</span>
Love After Marriage – Testimony
John & Liz Bathgate are excited to be running the Love After Marriage course again this Autumn!
<span class="grid-white-text">Freedom in Christ Course: Interview with Gill Scott</span>
Freedom in Christ Course: Interview with Gill Scott
Listen to the interview Lisa Fawcett had with Gill Scott to introduce the new Freedom in Christ course.
<span class="grid-white-text">A relationship with God</span>
A relationship with God
Watch this interview with Dave Lyons where he explained what it’s like to have a relationship with God.
<span class="grid-white-text">Healing during Alpha</span>
Healing during Alpha
Watch the interview featuring Claire’s experience of the Alpha Course
<span class="grid-white-text">I am “me” and I like “me”</span>
I am “me” and I like “me”
I did not have an easy childhood though I became a Christian and was in a great church.
<span class="grid-white-text">Healing on every level</span>
Healing on every level
This is a testimony of healing: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.
<span class="grid-white-text">Confronting the iceberg that wouldn’t go away</span>
Confronting the iceberg that wouldn’t go away
Like many people I had a ‘big issue’ in my life which was largely unresolved and sitting ready to do damage.

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