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Malcolm Round is our Senior Leader. Malcolm has led St Mungo’s for 24 years but still never ceases to amaze, amuse and challenge us. His blogs are certain to do likewise.

    Leadership lessons – iron sharpens iron

    Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) say  17 As iron sharpens iron,   so one person sharpens another!

    That proverb is particularly relevant  when it comes to leadership –spending time with, communicating with, hanging out with, other leaders doing the same kind of leadership role as you,  is one of the best ways of learning. READ MORE »

    Leadership at the movies. ( part 2) – Noah

    I really enjoyed the latest block buster movie-  Noah.  It is epic in every way.  A cross between the 1950’s Biblical epics, the 1980’s disaster movies, plus the best of 21st century computer generated special effects, and a touch of Alien/monster  genre thrown in! READ MORE »

    The leadership of Moses.

    For as long as I have been at St Mungo’s, which is over 25 years, there has been a cartoon stuck up in the little junk room in our wee church building that stores the old photo copier, even older vestments, sound equipment, unneeded prayer books and Bibles, the church safe and stocks of wine and wafers (technically the room is called a vestry, but then so is our church board which always causes confusion). READ MORE »

    Rev Sandy Millar :- my leadership hero . ……

    SandyIn February I attended the Alpha Scotland ‘Shift’ vision day.  It was an exciting and motivating conference calling us back into action to share the good news of Jesus.  But I also found my leadership buttons being pushed just by hearing top quality leaders speaking.  READ MORE »

    Leadership lessons from ‘Evita’ and ‘War Horse’.

    It’s amazing that when you start to think about leadership you can come across leadership lessons everywhere – even at the theatre!  Last week was my wife and my 30th wedding anniversary, and as part of the celebration we went to not one but two, yes two, outings  to the theatre in Edinburgh in the same week.  But I couldn’t help but look at both stories with my leadership lenses on. READ MORE »

    Leadership and Influence.

    The word ‘influence’ has suddenly come into the St Mungo’s vocabulary in a big way since we launched our  new logo which we related to ‘spheres of influence’. As a result we have started a sermon series on ‘Influence’, from Jesus’ images of influence, -salt, light, mustard seed, yeast. READ MORE »

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