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Malcolm Round is our Senior Leader. Malcolm has led St Mungo’s for 24 years but still never ceases to amaze, amuse and challenge us. His blogs are certain to do likewise.

    Three wise men, or “the good, the bad and the ugly”?

    AOC croppedThis picture was taken last week and shows me alongside the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Archbishop of Canterbury (on the left). It just asks for a caption competition – hence my title; Three wise men or ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’? Or possibly the competition should be ‘what is the Primus saying to me?’, or even what is the Archbishop, (ABC) Justin Welby daydreaming about? READ MORE »

    Cascading at Murrayfield Stadium

    I haven’t often had the opportunity to visit Murrayfield the home of Scottish rugby though I did have the privilege of watching Scotland beat England a few years back! But two weeks ago I went to Murrayfield, not to watch rugby but to use their conference facilities for a cascade conversation! A “cascade conversation” is a process used in the business and social sector -and now in the church -to try and help groups face and deal with very difficult, very divisive situations, perhaps to bring reconciliation, perhaps to bring clarity. READ MORE »

    African adventure part one

    Kenya  038

    My mind is in a whirl as I try to process my week in Kenya as part of a St Mungo’s church mission team. We were visiting the farmer’s field schools that we have been supporting in the Maseno in southwest Kenya close to Lake Victoria. READ MORE »

    Toronto trip 2014. Part 3. Anointing Prayer for Scotland

    In this third blog on my visit to Toronto I want to talk about receiving prayer for Scotland.  My week consisted of two conferences back to back – I wrote in the first blog about the smaller conference for leaders, called Partners in Harvest PIH) but the second was their much larger annual signature conference Catch the Fire. READ MORE »

    Toronto trip 2014 part 2. Dancing

    This week I had to go to a physiotherapist, for a damaged Achilles tendon. And it was all rather embarrassing! – You see he asked how did I do it? And it is rather hard to explain to a non Christian that I had been rather exuberantly dancing at a Christian conference during a worship session! READ MORE »

    Toronto Trip 2014

    If I have done my maths right this is the 21st trip I made to Toronto! Ever since I first visit in 1994 when I experienced for myself the life changing revival and renewal power being poured out in a small church near the Airport, I have returned year in, year out for more of God’s blessing, for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit and a fresh anointing. READ MORE »

    Change is here to stay!

    Ironically change is one of the permanent features of today’s world! On every level change is occurring around as and to us – personal, biological, technological, sociological and of course political!!   Recently we have been studying the life of Joseph, but one of the areas I didn’t have time to teach on was how Joseph had survived and then thrived during change. READ MORE »

    It’s time to start running!

    Churches have seasons, not just liturgical seasons, such as Advent and  Epiphany, but ministry seasons.  And for St Mungos our new ministry season is just starting.  Everything is beginning to ramp up for the key autumn work.

    So our youth work exploded back into action, our children’s work started a new term.  House groups and prayer cells will recommence.

    Particularly the autumn term is a great opportunity for mission.  Having launched a new invitational leaflet “come visit us ” full of pictures to help people understand when we say ‘come and visit church’  the church it might look and be totally different from the dull and dreary experience they may have had in the past .  A large vibrant worshipping congregation filling almost to capacity the concourse in Balerno high school . READ MORE »

    What version of the Bible do you read?

    Nowadays I will have “” permanently open on my computer and I pad, as it gives me access to just about every Bible version imaginable. Together with the versions on my smart phone access to different Bible versions have never been so easy. We are so lucky to have so many good translations in English literally at our fingertips. But on my bookshelves, both in my study at home and in my office there or at work I also have my Bible reading history – in paper form. And I realized it’s been quite a journey – and many, many three or four letter abbreviations! READ MORE »

    What is a charismatic church?

    In the last few blog articles I’ve written I have referred to St Mungo’s as a charismatic evangelical church.   Last week I defined what I meant by evangelical, so I thought this week I’d have a stab at defining what I mean by charismatic, although in reality I don’t particularly like either of those terms because in some contexts they can be quite loaded or misunderstood, so I  prefer to refer to us as a “Word and Spirit” church.   READ MORE »

    What is an Evangelical?

    In last week’s article I wrote about the increase in the numbers and influence of evangelicals in the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) in the last 40 years, a denomination which until comparatively recently had nearly 200 years of virtually no  evangelical rectors or congregations – yet paradoxically has always had the words “evangelical truth” as part of its  ‘logo’  which hangs in front of every single SEC church building across Scotland!  READ MORE »

    Evangelicals in the modern Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC part 3)

    For most of the 20th century the Scottish Episcopal church lived with the rather paradoxical situation of having the words “evangelical truth” as its motto on its logo, but very, very few,  self identified evangelical ministers or congregations.  The whole province was pretty homogeneous, basically a liberal catholic denomination- theologically modernist, and very Anglo catholic liturgically.  READ MORE »

    We are NOT the English church! (SEC part 1)

    I still remember when I first moved to Scotland 25 years ago being somewhat confused when a number of people said to me, “you’re the minister of the English church”.   Initially I assumed it was because I am English and a number of people in St Mungo’s were also English.   But soon I realized it was a commonly used title by which many Scottish people distinguished our denomination -the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC)- from the church of Scotland and other Presbyterian denominations, and from the Roman Catholic  church. READ MORE »

    What is the GSO?

    At the heart of the Scottish Episcopal Church is a secret society codenamed GSO. Its mysterious leader JS pretends to be a quiet, mild mannered, civil servant type, but the rumour is he runs his organization with a rod of iron and ruthless efficiency. READ MORE »

    Why I am glad I’m not a Bishop!

    OK, if I am really honest there are a couple of things about being a Bishop I would like. I would like to have a purple shirt, wear a big ring, and cross around my neck, mainly because that’s the kind of thing I used to wear as 1970’s Jesus Freak. READ MORE »

    Rock of Ages

    What do you understand by rock of ages? Depending on your age and stage and interests you might come up of different answers. READ MORE »

    X-Men :Days of Future Past

    Having done a very long series, related to leadership I have decided it was time to have a bit of blog light relief, (though fear not, I’m quite sure leadership articles will soon be appear again shortly.) READ MORE »

    Leaders in the Bible 2) King David

    Having deliberately done a less than serious blog article last week on the leadership from the Lord of the Rings, I want to return to some more serious leadership thinking.  READ MORE »

    Leadership in the movies. Part 3. The Lord of the Rings.

    Last month I was in a leadership meeting with a number of senior ministers of larger churches.  I don’t know how the conversation came up, by one of them suggested I was like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I’m still not sure whether it’s the way I look, or the positive view of my leadership qualities.  READ MORE »

    Leadership lessons – Can you disagree agreeably?

    I have just returned from a two day meeting on one of the most contentious issues facing churches today.  It is the main issue which is incredibly difficult, controversial, and painful for everyone involved, and yet mainline denominations including ours, the Scottish Episcopal church,(SEC) is having to wrestle with it.  The issue of human sexuality, sexual lifestyles, and in particular responding to the Scottish government’s change in the law allowing same sex marriages. READ MORE »

    Leadership on TV – 1) Rev.

    Like many clergymen I’ve become an avid watcher of the BBC 2 comedy – Rev. – although this series can hardly be called a comedy; it’s been very dark and bleak and tragic. READ MORE »

    Leadership lessons – iron sharpens iron

    Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) say  17 As iron sharpens iron,   so one person sharpens another!

    That proverb is particularly relevant  when it comes to leadership –spending time with, communicating with, hanging out with, other leaders doing the same kind of leadership role as you,  is one of the best ways of learning. READ MORE »

    Leadership at the movies. ( part 2) – Noah

    I really enjoyed the latest block buster movie-  Noah.  It is epic in every way.  A cross between the 1950’s Biblical epics, the 1980’s disaster movies, plus the best of 21st century computer generated special effects, and a touch of Alien/monster  genre thrown in! READ MORE »

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