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Malcolm Round is our Senior Leader. Malcolm has led St Mungo’s for 24 years but still never ceases to amaze, amuse and challenge us. His blogs are certain to do likewise.

    Evangelicals in the modern Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC part 3)

    For most of the 20th century the Scottish Episcopal church lived with the rather paradoxical situation of having the words “evangelical truth” as its motto on its logo, but very, very few,  self identified evangelical ministers or congregations.  The whole province was pretty homogeneous, basically a liberal catholic denomination- theologically modernist, and very Anglo catholic liturgically.  READ MORE »

    We are NOT the English church! (SEC part 1)

    I still remember when I first moved to Scotland 25 years ago being somewhat confused when a number of people said to me, “you’re the minister of the English church”.   Initially I assumed it was because I am English and a number of people in St Mungo’s were also English.   But soon I realized it was a commonly used title by which many Scottish people distinguished our denomination -the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC)- from the church of Scotland and other Presbyterian denominations, and from the Roman Catholic  church. READ MORE »

    What is the GSO?

    At the heart of the Scottish Episcopal Church is a secret society codenamed GSO. Its mysterious leader JS pretends to be a quiet, mild mannered, civil servant type, but the rumour is he runs his organization with a rod of iron and ruthless efficiency. READ MORE »

    Why I am glad I’m not a Bishop!

    OK, if I am really honest there are a couple of things about being a Bishop I would like. I would like to have a purple shirt, wear a big ring, and cross around my neck, mainly because that’s the kind of thing I used to wear as 1970’s Jesus Freak. READ MORE »

    Rock of Ages

    What do you understand by rock of ages? Depending on your age and stage and interests you might come up of different answers. READ MORE »

    X-Men :Days of Future Past

    Having done a very long series, related to leadership I have decided it was time to have a bit of blog light relief, (though fear not, I’m quite sure leadership articles will soon be appear again shortly.) READ MORE »

    Leaders in the Bible 2) King David

    Having deliberately done a less than serious blog article last week on the leadership from the Lord of the Rings, I want to return to some more serious leadership thinking.  READ MORE »

    Leadership in the movies. Part 3. The Lord of the Rings.

    Last month I was in a leadership meeting with a number of senior ministers of larger churches.  I don’t know how the conversation came up, by one of them suggested I was like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I’m still not sure whether it’s the way I look, or the positive view of my leadership qualities.  READ MORE »

    Leadership lessons – Can you disagree agreeably?

    I have just returned from a two day meeting on one of the most contentious issues facing churches today.  It is the main issue which is incredibly difficult, controversial, and painful for everyone involved, and yet mainline denominations including ours, the Scottish Episcopal church,(SEC) is having to wrestle with it.  The issue of human sexuality, sexual lifestyles, and in particular responding to the Scottish government’s change in the law allowing same sex marriages. READ MORE »

    Leadership on TV – 1) Rev.

    Like many clergymen I’ve become an avid watcher of the BBC 2 comedy – Rev. – although this series can hardly be called a comedy; it’s been very dark and bleak and tragic. READ MORE »

    Leadership lessons – iron sharpens iron

    Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) say  17 As iron sharpens iron,   so one person sharpens another!

    That proverb is particularly relevant  when it comes to leadership –spending time with, communicating with, hanging out with, other leaders doing the same kind of leadership role as you,  is one of the best ways of learning. READ MORE »

    Leadership at the movies. ( part 2) – Noah

    I really enjoyed the latest block buster movie-  Noah.  It is epic in every way.  A cross between the 1950’s Biblical epics, the 1980’s disaster movies, plus the best of 21st century computer generated special effects, and a touch of Alien/monster  genre thrown in! READ MORE »

    The leadership of Moses.

    For as long as I have been at St Mungo’s, which is over 25 years, there has been a cartoon stuck up in the little junk room in our wee church building that stores the old photo copier, even older vestments, sound equipment, unneeded prayer books and Bibles, the church safe and stocks of wine and wafers (technically the room is called a vestry, but then so is our church board which always causes confusion). READ MORE »

    Rev Sandy Millar :- my leadership hero . ……

    SandyIn February I attended the Alpha Scotland ‘Shift’ vision day.  It was an exciting and motivating conference calling us back into action to share the good news of Jesus.  But I also found my leadership buttons being pushed just by hearing top quality leaders speaking.  READ MORE »

    Leadership lessons from ‘Evita’ and ‘War Horse’.

    It’s amazing that when you start to think about leadership you can come across leadership lessons everywhere – even at the theatre!  Last week was my wife and my 30th wedding anniversary, and as part of the celebration we went to not one but two, yes two, outings  to the theatre in Edinburgh in the same week.  But I couldn’t help but look at both stories with my leadership lenses on. READ MORE »

    Leadership and Influence.

    The word ‘influence’ has suddenly come into the St Mungo’s vocabulary in a big way since we launched our  new logo which we related to ‘spheres of influence’. As a result we have started a sermon series on ‘Influence’, from Jesus’ images of influence, -salt, light, mustard seed, yeast. READ MORE »

    Leadership and Influence.

    The word ‘influence’ has suddenly come into the St Mungo’s vocabulary in a big way since we launched our  new logo which we related to ‘spheres of influence’. As a result we have started a sermon series on ‘Influence’, from Jesus’ images of influence, -salt, light, mustard seed, yeast. READ MORE »

    Vision is a waste of time……

    Vision is a waste of time…… unless there is implementation.

    Recently St Mungo’s had our ‘Vision Sunday’, once a year we try to explain and explore our church’s vision, to refresh and renew the vision.  Vision leaks and you have to constantly re-envision people. READ MORE »

    Love your church minister

    In the last weeks blog article I mentioned in passing how many church pastors and ministers fail to fulfil their calling because of the opposition and pain they get from the very church members they’re supposed to lead?  I talked about the reality of “minister abuse”. READ MORE »

    Good Vicar = Growing church ????

    The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby last week created quite a storm amongst clergy when during a radio interview for BBC’s radio 4  Today programme he apparently said “But the reality is that where you have a good vicar you will find growing churches”  READ MORE »

    Saving Mr. Banks

    The holiday period often brings one of those great dilemmas – what film is on at the cinema that we can all watch together as a family.  Now when the children are very  young, you know you don’t have much choice, it’s likely to be the latest Walt Disney.  But with  four adults (three of whom are female)  all with  very different tastes it’s  a lot more complex. READ MORE »

    I’m dreaming of a …… Revival at Christmas?

    I don’t remember many of my dreams, that might be due to  my Sleep Apnoea  and the ‘Darth Vader’  breathing mask I have to wear at night.   So I was startled when I did remember last night’s dream – some people might be “dreaming of a white Christmas” I was dreaming of a Revival in St Mungo’s at Christmas. READ MORE »

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