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From Malcolm Round, our senior minister

It’s my pleasure to offer you a flavour of who we are.

We are a Word and Spirit Church and our vision is to be an infectious centre of spiritual health.  We love to…

  • Welcome new faces – there are now approaching 700 of us from many countries, different walks of life, different personal situations, different religious backgrounds and no religious background at all!
  • Invest in our families and children – we have around 250 children and young people… and growing…
  • Explore what God has to say to us about living in the 21st Century
  • Make a positive impact upon people’s lives, here and around the world – we give our time and our money – at least 15% of our money goes straight back out to help others
  • Help each other to growas individuals and as a church community – and we have many small groups, courses and activities to help make this happen
  • Pray for people to experience more of God through the Holy Spirit – and it’s amazing what He does when we do!
  • Get involved – almost all of us volunteer, both in the church and in the wider community
  • Sing! (Even if some of us can’t…)
  • Tell others the good news about Jesus – because He really is good news!

Why not come along this Sunday? I’d be delighted to meet you.

  • 46B Bavelaw Road, Balerno
  • Edinburgh, Scotland EH14 7AE
  • T: 0131 449 9903
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  • Scottish Charity Number SC018114
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